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;; Autoload file for smalltalk-mode
;; duplicate zip files' setup for star files or fall back on
;; archive-mode, which scans file contents to determine type so is
;; safe to use
(push (cons "\\.star\\'"
(catch 'archive-mode
(dolist (mode-assoc auto-mode-alist 'archive-mode)
(and (string-match (car mode-assoc) "")
(functionp (cdr mode-assoc))
(throw 'archive-mode (cdr mode-assoc))))))
(push '("\\.st\\'" . smalltalk-mode) auto-mode-alist)
(push "\\.star\\'" inhibit-first-line-modes-regexps)
(autoload 'smalltalk-mode "@lispdir@/smalltalk-mode.elc" "" t)
@WITH_EMACS_COMINT_TRUE@(autoload 'gst "@lispdir@/gst-mode.elc" "" t)