A CoffeeScript syntax coloring mode for Coda and SubEthaEdit
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Read me

This is a Coda/SubEthaEdit syntax coloring mode for the CoffeeScript language.

Special thanks to brajeshwar's Sass.Mode and jashkenas' TextMate bundle--
I used them for reference while developing this mode.


Preferred method

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Coda/Plug-ins
git clone git://github.com/Ibmurai/Markdown.codaplugin.git


  • Download and unpack either the ZIP or TAR version of the CoffeeScript mode.
  • Rename the unzipped directory to 'CoffeeScript.mode'.
  • Coda: Manually copy the CoffeeScript.mode "container" into ~/Library/Application\ Support/Coda/Modes/.
  • SubEthaEdit: Open the CoffeeScript.mode file from within SubEthaEdit using the File > Open command or by dragging the CoffeeScript.mode file onto the SubEthaEdit application icon in the dock.


Chendrix made an alternate light-on-dark color scheme for those who prefer the dark side.