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Removed build command from Cakefile to match trunk

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1 parent fd443fc commit f93fad3a9e32abfc07611ba1dfb36ca7249e9929 @lmaccherone committed Jan 15, 2012
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@@ -7,10 +7,6 @@ by jashkenas
option '-p', '--prefix [DIR]', 'set the installation prefix for `cake install`'
-task 'build', 'continually build the coffeedoc library with --watch', ->
- coffee = spawn 'coffee', ['-cw', '-o', 'lib', 'src']
- coffee.stdout.on 'data', (data) -> console.log data.toString().trim()
task 'install', 'install `coffeedoc` globally but from this source using npm', (options) ->
exec('npm install -g .', (err, stdout, stderr) ->
if err then console.error stderr

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