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Overwolf app for League of Legends
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Trophy Hunter

Trophy Hunter

Earn trophies while playing League of Legends, view information about your teammates and opponents and meet other hunters to play with.

Trophy Hunter is a League of Legends app for Overwolf.

Table of content


You can download the app from the Overwolf App Store.


  • Rich stats for opponents and teammates including rank, KDA, accuracy and more
  • Build Guide - not sure what is the best build for you? Trophy Hunter will - guide you in-game
  • Forget Alt-Tab! Use this app as a smart overlay in-game
  • The best part! You can earn League of Legends trophies and redeem as RP!

More details here.


Overlay Screenshot


Main Screenshot


Clone this project with activated symlink support on Windows with git clone -c core.symlinks=true


Please follow the instructions on Overwolf Developer to get white listed and sign up on Riot Developer for the Riot API key. Without these requirements, you can only use core features in your Browser.

  1. Install MongoDB and run it on port 27017
  2. Install Meteor
  3. Install dependencies with yarn && cd packages/app && meteor npm install
  4. Copy packages/app/template.settings.json to packages/app/settings.json.
  5. Start the dev server with meteor npm start from packages/app or yarn app from top level. The app is available on http://localhost:3000.
  6. Download the Developers version of Overwolf. You can skip this step if you already installed Overwolf.
  7. Start Overwolf and click on Settings (either the wrench icon on the dock, or the Settings button on the tray icon menu).
  8. Go to the Support tab, you will see a link labelled "Development Options". Click that.
  9. Build Overwolf app. yarn build-overwolf
  10. Click on "Load unpacked extension" and navigate to dist/development.
  11. The app will connect to http://localhost:3000.


Contributions are always welcome! Please contact us in Discord.

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