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TurboGears2 on Red Hat's OpenShift Express

This quickstart helps you get up and running with a fully-functional TurboGears2 instance on OpenShift. It automatically handles creating a Python virtualenv, populating a MySQL database, and deploying your application to the cloud.


  • Completely free, thanks to Red Hat's OpenShift Express
  • MySQL database automatically setup for your application
  • Dynamic database configuration at runtime. No passwords stored in your configs.
  • Your application's test suite is run after each push
  • Automatic deployment upon git push
  • No need to think about servers, let alone apache/mod_wsgi configuration

The fastest method

You can easily deploy a pre-configured TG2 + MySQL application to the OpenShift cloud with a single command, using my openshift-quickstarter tool:

./openshift-quickstarter EMAIL DOMAIN APPNAME turbogears2

That's it! You can now view your application at:

The manual method

If you don't want to use the openshift-quickstarter, you can easily create a new OpenShift WSGI application and merge this quickstart into it manually:

rhc-create-app -a tg2 -t wsgi-3.2 -l
rhc-ctl-app -a tg2 -e add-mysql-5.1 -l
cd tg2app
git remote add upstream -m master git://
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
git push

Monitoring your logs

rhc-tail-files -a tg2app -l
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