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DDE (Drupal Docker Environment)

Docker and Docker Compose based environment for Drupal.

------------------------- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT -------------------------

As of October 24th 2016 this project is retired.
Existing users may continue using it as-is but are advised to switch to Docksal.
Docksal has lots of improvements, new features and less complex setup (no more Vagrant involved).
How to upgrade from Drude to Docksal


For a fully working example of DDE setup take a look at:

System requirements

Please review system requirements before proceeding with the setup.


  1. DDE environment setup

    This is done one time per host and should be performed by everyone.

  2. Configure a project to use DDE

    This is done one time per project and should be performed by the project TL.


Switch to your <projects> folder and run:

dsh self-update
dsh update prerequisites

On Mac and Windows only (skip for Linux) also run:

dsh update boot2docker

Finally, you will probably need to re-initialize your environment with:

dsh init

DDE Shell Helper (dsh)

DDE shell helper is a console tool that simplifies day-to-day work with DDE. It provides a set of most commonly used commands and operations for controlling the Boot2docker VM, containers, running drush or other commands inside the cli container. (Note: dsh requires cli container to function properly)

See dsh help for a complete list.

dsh detects the environment it's launched in and will automatically start the boot2docker VM and launch containers as necessary. It runs on Mac/Linux directly. On Windows dsh runs inside the Babun Shell.

Console tools (cli)

The cli container is meant to serve as a single console to access all necessary command line tools. You can access cli container's console with dsh:

dsh bash

Tools available inside the cli container:

  • php-cli, composer, drush[6,7,8], drupal console, phpcs, phpcbf
  • ruby, bundler
  • node, nvm, npm
  • imagemagick
  • python, git, mc, mysql-client and more

Instructions and tutorials

Advanced configuration

Third party utililies


See Troubleshooting section of the docs.


[DEPRECATED] Docker and Docker Compose based environment for Drupal







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