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A few simple mappings

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1 parent acc340b commit 0788635f5094ccfb42b609d508d7265ed6046e89 @lmarburger committed Jul 29, 2013
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@@ -114,6 +114,8 @@ nmap <leader>S :set spell<CR>]s
nmap <leader>ns :set nospell<CR>
nmap <leader>a :Ag<space>
nmap <leader>A :Ag!<space>
+nmap <leader>w :Ag<space><C-r><C-w><cr>
+nmap <leader>W :Ag!<space><C-r><C-w><cr>
" yank until the end of the line
nmap Y y$
@@ -146,11 +148,11 @@ vmap <leader>} :Tabularize first_right_stash<CR>
vmap <leader>\| :Tabularize bar<CR>
""" **Embolden** selection
-nmap <leader>* viwS*gvS*
+nmap <leader>* viWS*gvS*
vmap <leader>* S*gvS*
""" Open file in Marked
-map <leader>m :silent !open % -a /Applications/<cr>:redraw!<cr>
+map <leader>m :silent !open "%" -a /Applications/<cr>:redraw!<cr>
augroup Vim

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