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An OpenGL interface

Extension loading

loadExtensions() must be executed after the creation of a rendering context and before any OpenGL extension procs are used.

Automatic error checking

The OpenGL procs do perform automatic error checking by default. This can be disabled at compile-time by defining the conditional symbol noAutoGLerrorCheck (-d:noAutoGLerrorCheck), in which case the error checking code will be omitted from the binary; or at run-time by executing this statement: enableAutoGLerrorCheck(false).

Building with x11 (linux)

When receiving the following error:

<path-to-opengl>/opengl/private/prelude.nim(5, 10) Error: cannot open file: X

Version 1.2.0 is broken for Linux builds, as x11 is imported incorrectly - use 1.2.2 or greater!

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