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Revert "Workaround for Process.spawn not auto-closing fds"

This reverts commit a77e4f5.
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commit 52c53668324c9ffec8d66f20756b41a5a66e2a07 1 parent d9aa645
Lewis Marshall authored
Showing with 0 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +0 −1  lib/19/open3.rb
1  lib/19/open3.rb
@@ -199,7 +199,6 @@ def popen2e(*cmd, &block)
module_function :popen2e
def popen_run(cmd, opts, child_io, parent_io) # :nodoc:
- parent_io.each {|io| io.close_on_exec = true }
pid = spawn(*cmd, opts)
wait_thr = Process.detach(pid)
child_io.each {|io| io.close }
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