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Chrome extension to browse and search pinboard bookmarks without going to the site
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Pinboard Viewer


Make Pinboard ( pins act more like browser bookmarks. Includes fuzzy search by pin title and url. Click the button or use a keyboard shortcut (see below) to bring up your Pinboard bookmarks. Search for tag names to filter, or search for a page title or URL to find a specific bookmark.

The results update as you type. Once you've found your bookmark, press Enter or Tab to open it. Hold Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) to open it in a new tab.

Keyboard shortcut

You can set keyboard shortcuts for all your extensions right in Chrome (or any Chrome based browser, like e.g. Vivaldi). Just open the extension manager (three dots in the upper right, more tools, extensions) and hit the hamburger menu button in the upper left. There, you can find the keyboard shortcuts option.

Suggested shortcut: Cmd-Shift-P or Ctrl-Shift-P

Make sure you haven't assigned the same shortcut to multiple extensions.


Click here for screenshots and a download link.

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