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Evolutionary Computation with Jupyter/IPython

Jupyter/IPython notebooks about genetic and evolutionary computation

Luis Martí --

This repository contains the Jupyter/IPython notebooks used in the demonstration classes of my course "Advanced Evolutionary Computation: Theory and Practice", which I taught as part of the PhD in Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro.

Note: Although I am not currently giving this course I am updating the notebooks from time to time to meet software updates and remove bugs.

Available notebooks

A note on viewing the notebooks

These notebooks are meant to be viewed as slides. That is why they contain relatively few text and mostly graphical information. However, nothing stops you from viewing them as regular notebooks. Note that nbviewer allows you to switch the notebooks "slides" mode.

Click to view as slides

Offline (local) slides

  • You can convert them to slides and view them locally by using nbconvert with a command like:
$ jupyter nbconvert --to slides --post serve <a-notebook-name.ipynb>