Diluculum is a library that intends to make the coexistence of C++ and Lua more harmonious. In this regard, it offers essentially three “services”: (1) A nice way to access data stored in a Lua interpreter. (2) A not so bad way to write functions in C++ and make them available to Lua. And (3) A limited and just barely usable way to register C++ …
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Diluculum started as a collection of "pure Lua" packages, but things
started to get really interesting when I added some C++ to it.

I used to use a class named 'LuaState', that was a pretty low-level
encapsulation of a Lua state. As the time passed, I learned the ways
in which I used Lua most and suddenly realized that life could be
better. So I started to design a new 'LuaState' class. A higher level
'LuaState', that would allow me to do with ease all the Lua things I
did most of the time.

For the lack of a better place to put the new 'LuaState' (and its
related classes) I added it to Diluculum.

And here it is.


Leandro Motta Barros