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CodeIgniter Flickr API

A CodeIgniter library which gives access to make calls to Flickr's API.


  1. PHP 5.1+
  2. CodeIgniter 2.0.0+


// Load the ci_flickr_api spark

// Create config array
$flickr_api_config = array(
                            'request_format'    => CI_Flickr_API::REQUEST_FORMAT_REST,
                            'response_format'   => CI_Flickr_API::RESPONSE_FORMAT_PHP_SERIAL,
                            'api_key'           => 'APIKEY',
                            'secret'            => 'SECRET',
                            'cache_use_db'      => TRUE,
                            'cache_expiration'  => 600,
                            'cache_max_rows'    => 1000,

// Initialize library with config

// Send authentication request for user account access

// Get frob from call back from Flickr

// Search for some photos
$photos = $this->flickr_api->photos_search();

For more details and functions, please review the library.

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