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raspberry pi setup

sudo apt-get update

python packages sudo apt-get install python-pip pip install picamera sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev python-opencv

optional installing node cd ~/Desktop wget tar xvzf node-v0.10.22-linux-arm-pi.tar.gz sudo mkdir /opt/node sudo cp -r node-v0.10.22-linux-arm-pi/* /opt/node

nano /etc/profile

add the following ... NODE_JS_HOME="/opt/node" PATH="$PATH:$NODE_JS_HOME/bin" export PATH

setting up samba sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

sudo ifdown eth0 sudo ifup eth0

to install

git clone cd noodle npm install

sudo pip install boto (aws) sudo pip install -U socketIO-client ( sudo apt-get install python-pyaudio

wget gunzip pyttsx-1.1.tar.gz tar -xf pyttsx-1.1.tar cd pyttsx-1.1/ sudo python install sudo apt-get install espeak

cd data config.js > {"accessKeyId":"","secretAccessKey":"","region":"us-west-2"}

to run (for now)

node app.js python python/