Example webapp with Angular in the browser, Java RESTful server, all built with Maven
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This is an example project for building AngularJS applications with a Java server using Maven.

See the below for customizations to this application


$ mvn install

Running in Jetty

$ mvn jetty:run

Then open http://localhost:8080/ and play the piano. You can now edit your HTML and Javascript and press reload in the browser to test your updates.

Integration with App-Config-App

This application is hot-configurable using App-Config-App. By default, the application polls every 10 seconds for changes on http://localhost:9292/dev/instrument_configuration.json using the dev-app user. This is configurable in web.xml.

Note: The application will poll for changes regardless of whether App-Config-App is available. The default MIDI instrument (usually a piano) is used if configuration can't be loaded.

Switching between Piano and Trombone while playing is fun! :)