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TI: Legacy MUSHclient Plugins

Plugins for The Inquisition: Legacy RP MUD:


  • Download the zipped folder of plugins from Github. Inside you will find a series of .xml files.
  • Go into Program FIles -> MUSHclient -> worlds -> plugins
  • Unzip the files into that folder.
  • Open up TI in MUSHclient. Go up to File -> Plugins. Click add, locate the plugin and open. Your new plugins should now be listed there. Highlight the ones you want and install/enable.

What the Plugins Do

Gardener's Companion

A simple plugin that colorizes plant statuses for easier gardening. Comes with the plantcheck command, which displays all plants in the room at once.

Too Far Away

Adapted from Galaban's version to accommodate TI, this plugin will automatically move toward another player or NPC if you attempt to hand something to them and they're too far away to receive it.

Color Copy

Adapted from Fiendish's version to work with TI color codes, this plugin allows you to highlight any text in your MUSHclient window, then ctrl+left click to copy it to your clipboard with color codes intact. Especially handy for crafters or book-binders.

BBcode Copy

Adapted by Prisca of TI from Color Copy, this plugin allows you to grab logs (such as the OOC log!) from MUSHclient in full color, pre-translated for posting to the game forums. Select text and ctrl-B, or crtl-left click and select "Copy BBCode" to copy directly to BBCode. It will look for ansifilter at MUSHclient\ansifilter\ansifilter.exe, and the colormap at MUSHclient\colormap.txt. Be sure to grab the latest ansifilter from and unzip it to MUSHclient\ansifilter.

Emote Checker

Written by The Last Good Dragon specifically for TI, this plugin allows you to review things like line spacing, quotation marks, targets, and stat/skill checks before submitting your emote or rpecho. Once installed it happens automatically. Try emoting or using rpecho to see it work. Plugin also supports attack, defend, and safe commands — attempting to attack an invalid location displays a warning message.

Ritual Emotes

Written by Niamh for TI. When there is a second player in the room with you you have to supply an emote when using rituals. As you tend to use multiple rituals in quick succession in order to evoke a spell, this causes a lot of folks to just use a period in the stead of the emotes, which is boring. These add, with flavor from the helpfiles on each ritual, an emote per ritual that is automatically generated and printed to the room. Once installed, syntax is viewable with "rithelp."


Graciously written by Nick Gammon for TI. The Mapper draws a real-time graphical map of Lithmore as you walk around it, with customizable colors, font, and room searching. In order for it to work with some of TI's unique quirks, you will have to set your prompt to match what the plugin expects it to be. You can do that by copying and pasting this into your MUD window:

prompt {c{[RPXP Gain: %X] {[HP:%h MV:%v P:%p] %f %o{x (vnum %R) %c

Note that you may need to double back the first time around to cement the exit links, but that once they have been drawn they become permanent.

Other Tools

Polyducks' String Checker

Plugin Submissions

If you have a plugin for TI:Legacy that you would like to contribute to the repository, please contact Niamh in-game!


Plugins for The Inquisition: Legacy RP MUD.




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