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Node.js CI


simple JS library that creates an html navigable tree from JSON object.


Use the function JSON.create(data) to transform a data object into raw HTML which can then be set as the innerHTML of an existing element.

The result of the previous example should render the following structure:

Customising the looks

The colors of the generated structure can be customised through the following CSS classes:

  • jstTree: Class applied to div element wrapping the whole structure

  • jstProperty: Class applied to property names

  • jstBool: Class applied to boolean values

  • jstNum: Class applied to numeric values

  • jstNull: Class applied to null values

  • jstStr: Class applied to string values

  • jstComma: Class applied to commas

  • jstColon: Class applied to colon separating property name from property value

  • jstCollapse: Class applied to the collapse symbol

  • jstExpand: Class applied to the expand symbol

  • jstBracket: Class applied to brackets (both {} and [])

  • jstHiddenBlock: Class applied to collapsed blocks