This project contains code for a video capture utility capable of capturing presentations. It captures vga output and audio and mixes them together to produce a video.
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Freeseer is a video capture program capable of capturing desktop or vga
input and mixing it with audio to create a video. It is optimized
for capturing presentations and demonstrations.

Freeseer is written in Python, and uses Qt4 for its
GUI. It also uses Gstreamer for video/audio processing.

Our packages will handle these dependencies automatically.

Freeseer is licensed under the GPL license, version 3.

Freeseer supports free (royalty free) audio and video codecs.


To develop freeseer, you require:
    Make, Git, PyQT development tools

If you are pulling the code from git, then you should install
the following packages first.

On typical fresh Fedora Core install:
    “sudo yum install git make PyQt4-devel python-feedparser.noarch”    

On typical fresh Ubuntu install:
    “sudo apt-get install git-core pyqt4-dev-tools python-feedparser”


Once you have the prerequisite componets, build freeseer by changing
directory into the src directory, and run:

This will compile the gui files. Once this completes, you can run:

This starts up the Freeseer GUI.


Read more about hardware capture options here:

If you wish to capture vga input using epiphan's vga2usb device:
    first, copy the vga2usb.ko driver to /lib/modules/<kernel version>
    for the kernel you're running. Epiphan provides a list of pre-compiled
    drivers at

    Then, configure the driver:
    "sudo cp vga2usb.conf /etc/modprobe.d/; depmod -a"

For support, questions, suggestions or any other inquiries, visit: