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If you would like to contribute a translation to this project, please include a translated file that includes the language short code in the filename as this will be mapped to from the url. For example, will load the index-fr.html file.

Fork this project, send a pull request and the translation will go live (though the translation may be validated before publishing).

Please check the issues to see if anyone else is currently working on a translation.


I've put this project under Left Logic to try to disown it from an individual. Actually, what I'd like is some kind of community organisation that projects like this can move to (perhaps also moving to it - but one step at a time eh?).

This simple site offers up the code of conduct that (I believe) Tiffany Conroy first wrote up for 2012. I reused the same content (removing the specific parts) for Full Frontal 2012.

I'd like to continue using this as a simple go to reference for code of conduct for events I run - and equally events you run.

This is not owned by me - this is a public resource - so if there's changes, please create a pull request, and if it makes sense, it'll be merge.

On that note - I'd rather not be the only person with merge permissions, so I hope that by the time you read this, I'm not the only person with those rights.

— Remy / @rem