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On-demand image manipulation server in node.js

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This app is a demonstrator for the node-imageable middleware.

Get it run

First of all, create a config/config.json. You might just want to copy the config/config.example.json. Afterwards run npm install. Finally start the server via node app.js.

And ... what's next?

Open your favorite browser and run:


For further information take a look at the node-imageable documentation:

Gimme code, dude!

git clone git://
cd node-imageable-server
cp config/config.example.json config/config.json
npm install .
node app.js

# you can also do sudo PORT=80 NODE_ENV=production node app.js

Fallback solution

If you need a fallback solution for (whyever) failing resizer apps, you can checkout the fallback branch. This app just redirects all requests to the url param.


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