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@@ -69,6 +69,18 @@ data series on the same plot:
Each file will use the same regular expression for matching data.
+#### Multiple series from one file
+If you're working with a shell like bash, you can do some rad stuff to get
+multiple series out of one file. For instance, let's say you have one log file
+that contains `training accuracy: XX` and `evaluation accuracy: XX` lines that
+you'd like to plot. You can use the nifty subshell redirection operator to sort
+these two data sources:
+ py-grep-plot 'accuracy: (\d+)' \
+ <(grep 'training acc' file) \
+ <(grep 'evaluation acc' file)
### Smoothing
You can smooth the ordinates by using either the `-s N` (`--smooth N`) or the

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