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To run rails console on the production server: bundle exec rails c production
bundle exec rake RAILS_ENV=production [whatever]
For mysql rake db:drop kills the whole database (not just dropping the tables); less obvious for sqlite
--- Local mail monitoring ---
mailtrap start
tail -f /var/tmp/mailtrap.log
--- production logging ---
ActionController::Base.logger =
ActionController::Base.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
ActiveRecord::Base.logger =
ActiveRecord::Base.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
can do same thing with activerecord
in console, do
app.get 'topics/'
---- sendmail ----
List queue: /usr/sbin/sendmail -bp
Flush queue: sendmail -q -v
Flush one msg: sendmail -v -qIp4D0G8wK011013
where everything after "-qI" is the message ID (left column of sendmail -bp)
delete files from /var/spool/mqueue to get rid of them
rake db:test:purge Empty the test database.
rake db:test:load Recreate the test database from the current schema.rb
rake db:test:prepare Check for pending migrations and load the test schema
rake db:test:purge; rake db:test:load; rake db:test:prepare
be rake db:test:purge db:test:load db:test:prepare
git rm --cached <file> removes that file from version control but leaves it in the working copy
To create remote tracking branches:
Update: The same can be accomplished with a single command, which sets up remote tracking as well:
$ git checkout -b local_branch_name remotes/origin/remote_branch_name
This makes it so you can work with that branch (do merging, etc) locally.
git branch --track feature1 origin/master
Branch feature1 set up to track remote branch refs/remotes/origin/master.
undo a commit:
git reset --soft HEAD^
see changes on a branch vs master: git log -p master..other-branch-name
git diff ...otherbranch—diff from common ancestor (merge base) to the head of what will be merged. Note the three dots.
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