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The Mobile Map of Now
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The Disaster Response application uses the following:
 - XCode 4.3.2 (for iOS)
    - App Store:

 - Eclipse
    - Website:
    - Download:

 - Cordova 1.6.1
    - Website:
    - Direct Download:

 - JQuery 1.7.1
    - Website:
    - Direct Download:

 - JQuery Mobile 1.0.1
    - Website:
    - Direct Download:

 - Heatmap.js
    - Website:
    - Our Modified Version:

/* ================================================================================ */

For building and running on Android, please consult the Android developer's guide.

"If you are developing in Eclipse, the ADT plugin incrementally builds your project as you make changes to the source code. Eclipse outputs an .apk file automatically to the bin folder of the project, so you do not have to do anything extra to generate the .apk.

If you are developing in a non-Eclipse environment, you can build your project with the generated build.xml Ant file that is in the project directory. The Ant file calls targets that automatically call the build tools for you.

To run an application on an emulator or device, the application must be signed using debug or release mode. You typically want to sign your application in debug mode when you develop and test your application, because the build tools use a debug key with a known password so you do not have to enter it every time you build. When you are ready to release the application to Google Play, you must sign the application in release mode, using your own private key."
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