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playing with an about me page
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About Me

This is an experiment at building an About Me page for as an old-school Web 2.0 mashup using my own personal data exhaust.


  • Local dev server with hot module reloading for both components and initial state data

  • Production static site build with only selective live components on the client to minimize bundle size

  • Simple modular data fetching tool

  • Publish to S3 or somewhere similar


  • Download & locally cache Steam images to serve over SSL

  • Generate components in App entirely from config, rather than hardcoded

  • Move secrets from config and into env vars, so config can be checked into repo

  • DRY out the SCSS in common between components

  • Flickr photos component

  • Scheduled Amazon Lambda updates, publish to S3 bucket

  • Script / document how to fill out config.js and get all the auth tokens & such

  • Make more generic, i.e. so components can be pulled from a customizable directory of Jekyll-style front-matter-and-markdown

  • Further simplify & normalize data fetched from APIs to minimize data.json size

  • Include data.json in published site

  • Client-side updates from a few services? Poll a server-side JSON?

  • Toots & tweets could look better, include media embeds

  • profile? (would help if I made some more games)

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