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1 Badger
1.1 General
1.1.1 Generative
1.1.2 Crowdsourced
1.1.3 Who are Mozillans? all contributors add-on developers add-on reviewers
1.2 Profile management
1.2.1 Wishlist / goals
1.2.2 Invite codes
1.2.3 Refer-a-friend
1.2.4 Twitter
1.2.5 Google
1.2.6 Facebook connect
1.2.7 OpenID
1.2.8 Moz account manager support
1.3 API
1.4 Badges / achievements
1.4.1 Achievements vs Merit Badges Achievements are often automated and unexpected Merit badges are often planned end-goals
1.4.2 Example badges 1000 Bugzilla Bugs Resolved
1.4.3 Decision to accept / discard incoming badge
1.4.4 Award badges with currency? (eg. Buckos)
1.4.5 Request to claim badge Approved by badge creator or delegates Approved by other badge winners
1.4.6 Editors Badge creator automatically becomes badge editor Can grant editor to additional people
1.4.7 Stats Who's won it Who likes it Who covets it
1.4.8 Scripted awards based on conditions Use pubsub instead of poll
1.4.9 Badge designer Consistent template Sticker collage HTML5/SVG/PNG Simple layered editor Canvas image extraction Video? Consistent top mask & background on bottom Stock clip art collection Crowdsourced clip art submissions Multiple images for a badge Voting for favorites Awardee can choose which to present in collection
1.4.10 Intern-specific badges?
1.4.11 Badge sets / Meta-achievements
1.4.12 "Check-in" URLs to count participation Test days, etc Counters Booleans Time-limited
1.4.13 Meta-badges for collecting all of a badge set
1.5 Localization
1.5.1 Locale-specific badges
1.5.2 Localized badge content Alternate image choices
1.6 Contribution
1.6.1 Easy contribution workflow What can you do? Badge ideas Badge illustrations Badge scripting What do we need?
1.7 Mobile
1.7.1 Mobile / pocket site to show off badges
1.7.2 QR codes on badges for on-the-spot awarding at events
1.7.3 Bookmarks / quick select list
1.8 Abuse management
1.8.1 Badge for cheating?
1.9 Activity log
1.9.1 RSS
1.9.2 PubSubHubBub
1.10 Misc
1.10.1 Print on demand Shirts on demand with badge collection? Patches? Stickers?
1.10.2 Nominate a contributor
1.10.3 Award and invite in one URL
1.10.4 Gamer score?
1.10.5 Bloom filters to detect duplicate votes
1.11 Social
1.11.1 Widget for badge collection on blogs & etc
1.11.2 Facebook app
1.11.3 Twitter account announcing awards
1.12 Balance of collaborative elements
1.12.1 Admired badges
1.12.2 Nomination and voting to award
1.12.3 Thumbs up / down to give badge clout
1.12.4 Thumbs up / down to give Mozillan badge award clout
1.12.5 Dimensional constraints voting thumbs ratings
1.12.6 Focus
1.12.7 Fractional intelligence
1.13 Research
1.13.1 Scouting merit badges
1.13.2 Achievements Design 101
1.13.3 YDN Collectable Achievements Pattern
1.14 Email do-not-call list
1.14.1 Salted SHA-{n} hashes of email addresses
1.14.2 Finite set of salts (eg. 2-8) to balance number of queries needed
1.14.3 To: address of any outbound email hashed with all salts, table queried for each result
1.14.4 Any hit results in blocked outgoing email