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  • Nomination by claim code

    • Single-use: Changes the nomination's awardee to the code bearer
    • Multi-use: Generates a cloned nomination with code bearer as awardee
  • Standardize thumb/full includes for Badges and Profiles

    • Even on front page recent awards list
  • Show only recent awards on badge detail page, link to paginated award list for more

  • Accept flags / alerts to spam / inapproriate content

  • Delegation of nomination approval

    • Allow badge creator to flag others as co-creators / nomination approvers
  • Allow transfer of badge ownership

    • Another user becomes the new creator
  • Trophy case: Flag awards for highlighting on profile and social apps

  • Social sharing

    • Need an URL shortener for tweets
    • Remember checkbox state for sharing between badge claims
    • Facebook: Trophycase app for profile
    • Ning: badge display on profile page (Ning app); share new badges as status updates; show newly granted badges on Ning homepage
    • Gravatar / Signature creator: Generated image that includes that person's name and top badges. Can be downloaded for use in email signatures, blogs, websites.
  • Localization

    • L10N support for the site itself
    • L10N for badge content... later?
      • Delaying it could result in duplicate badges with the same intent in different locales
  • Meta-badges for auto-nomination

    • Attach a list of badges to a badge
    • Any user who has all of them gets auto-nominated for the meta-badge
  • HTML / markdown descriptions using jsocol's bleach

  • Digest notifications of nominations for approval

  • Anyone with this badge can also bestow this badge (eg. viral delegates)

  • List of badges authored by auth'd user in API

  • API using valet keys and selective permissions

    • Valet key = HTTP basic auth user/pass
    • Simpler than OAuth
    • Easily disposable
    • Never enables account actions (eg. password change, etc)
    • Per-valet key logging and reports?
    • Should allow for simple external services that track conditions and trigger nominations
  • Invitation-only mode at launch?

    • A badge award constitutes an invite
    • auto-complete on emails somehow too?


  • Reduce SQL queries

  • Aspirations

    • Badge creator can build a short questionaire of information necessary for aspiration
      • Human readable (eg. how many widgets did you frob?) or machine readable (eg. bugzilla email addr)
    • User registers interest in claiming a badge, creates aspiration
      • Fills out questionaire, if necessary
    • Aspiration may be made public or private by aspirant
    • Badge creator is notified
    • Scripts and API
      • API offers a list of aspirants for a badge, with questionaire data
      • API accepts and offers a private JSON block up to 1k for per-aspirant record keeping
        • Badge creator and delegates can see, but not the aspirant
        • Useful for tracking scores, progress, etc detected by scanning script
      • API accepts aspirant-only human-readable progress update message
      • API offers option to notify aspirant on update
    • Anyone who registers an aspiration for a meta-badge is automatically registered as an aspirant to all the subordinate badges
  • AJAXification

    • Sprinkle in more AJAX / hidden iframe / facebox magic for in-place submissions
    • Lightweight interactions
  • Hover overlay for more detailed info on badge thumbs in lists

  • Auto-complete on profile name for badge nomination form

  • It would be nice to have an attractive theme for the Mozilla installation, and maybe as a default

  • Non-listed badges for surprises

  • Search-then-create

  • L10N / I18N support for badge content

  • OAuth access to API

    • For site-to-site access, allows for trusted verification of identity and badge awards?
    • Badge award verification could lead to badges that grant access / authority?
  • Use template fragment caching in lots of places

  • Make sure caching headers for proxy work?

  • Use Cache Machine


  • Hide / show individual awards?

    • Seems not as useful or crucial as hide/show of all awards for a badge.
  • Associate other media types with badges

    • Videos, especially played as fanfare on award claim
    • Audio, as fanfare
  • Links break when a badge is renamed, which also renames the slug.

    • Add a UUID / base-60 ID, use in notifications, redirect to slug?
  • For award-by-email, if the email matches the verified email of an existing user, switch to the user rather than using the verification code system?

  • Strip out more unused Pinax apps / features

    • No "friends" / "invites" from friends_app?
    • No "about" app?
  • Extend award-by-email to also send verification URLs by IM / Twitter / etc

  • Make subjects of emails more descriptive, so gmail doesn't pile them up into threads

  • Switch from disclosing database IDs in URLs to UUIDs? 6-character {a-zA-Z0-9} strings?

  • HTML5 badge image editor / composer

  • Autocomplete on user names for badge nomination

  • Combined search-or-create interface for exploring badges?

    • See also and
    • Useful for finding and settling on existing badges before creating an inadvertant variant
  • Allow badger app to be more reusable by checking for installation of notification, etc?

  • Wishlist of badges

  • JSON POST body data not covered by OAuth signature

    • Is this an issue?
    • Switch to POST encoded parameters to create badges?
      • Puts params into OAuth signature
      • Or, stick an HMAC-SHA or MD5 of the POST body into a query param