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Mozilla's Build Your Own Browser


Build Your Own Browser is a web application that helps people configure and distribute customized versions of Firefox.


BYOB has a number of moving parts, so installation may be a bit more complex than the usual LAMP stack PHP app.

  • Prerequisites

    • MySQL 5.0+
    • PHP 5.3+, with at least the following modules:
      • gearman, curl, gd, mcrypt, mysql, mysqli
    • Gearman 0.7.0
    • An OS X server, at least for the gearman repack worker
  • Filesystem

    • Ensure the following directories exist and are writable by the web server:
      • application/cache
      • application/logs
      • downloads
      • workspace
    • For a clustered environment:
      • Unique per web server: application/cache and application/logs
      • Can be on a shared mount: downloads and workspace
  • MySQL

    • Create a new database using the current schema:
      • application/config/schema-mysql/current.sql
    • Though current.sql should always contain the latest schema, changes to the DB will appear here:
      • application/config/schema-mysql/changes/
  • Recaptcha

    • Visit to obtain a public / private key pair for the domain where you intend to install the app.
  • Application config

    • All editable configuration files reside under application/config
    • Copy config-local.php-dist to config-local.php and edit to make installation-specific changes.
      • The database.local structure should be given the MySQL credentials to access the database created in the previous step.
      • The database.shadow structure should be given the same MySQL credentials as database.local, or configured to point at a read-only replica of database.local.
      • Change the recaptcha settings to reflect the domain, public key, and private key data acquired from
      • Change the email.* settings to reflect local email environment.
        • Set email.driver to 'native' if PHP itself is setup to send email
        • Set email.driver to 'smtp' and update email.options if an external SMTP server is to be used.
      • Set core.display_errors to FALSE to prevent verbose error messages
      • Set core.log_threshold to 0 to disable logging to application/logs
      • Change core.site_domain to the domain name of the web host, deleting the code to guess the domain name for dev servers.
    • Copy repacks.php-dist to repacks.php and edit to make installation-specific changes.
      • In particular, the locations of the downloads and workspace directories can be changed.
  • Create first admin user:

    • At the command line, execute this command from the application directory:
      • php index.php util/createlogin admin admin
        • Replace with a real email address
      • You should see output like the following:
        • Profile ID 1 created for 'admin' with role 'admin'
        • Password: mnm518x
      • The last line is the temporary password for the admin account - someone should use it and change it immediately.
  • Gearman and repack worker

    • Important details:
      • BYOB performs browser customizations asynchronously from the web application by using a gearman job server and a worker process.
      • Although the web application can run on a Linux server, the gearman worker itself must currently run on an OS X server.
        • This is because the browser repack script requires access to OS X utilities in order to build OS X disk images for browser distribution.
    • Configure the addresses of gearman servers:
      • application/config/config-local.php
    • A shell script wrapper that runs the gearman repack worker is here:
      • modules/gearman_events/bin/
      • This shell script repeatedly restarts the PHP worker, which allows the PHP worker to exit occasionally in order to clean up and refresh its code.
      • This shell script should be started up as a daemon when the server boots up, after MySQL, gearman, and apache are all available.


Build Your Own Browser



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