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from urlparse import urljoin
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib import admin
from django import forms
from django.db import models
from funfactory.urlresolvers import reverse
except ImportError, e:
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
from .models import (Badge, Award, Nomination, Progress, DeferredAward)
UPLOADS_URL = getattr(settings, 'BADGER_MEDIA_URL',
urljoin(getattr(settings, 'MEDIA_URL', '/media/'), 'uploads/'))
def show_unicode(obj):
return unicode(obj)
show_unicode.short_description = "Display"
def show_image(obj):
if not obj.image:
return 'None'
img_url = "%s%s" % (UPLOADS_URL, obj.image)
return ('<a href="%s" target="_new"><img src="%s" width="48" height="48" /></a>' %
(img_url, img_url))
show_image.allow_tags = True
show_image.short_description = "Image"
def build_related_link(self, model_name, name_single, name_plural, qs):
link = '%s?%s' % (
reverse('admin:badger_%s_changelist' % model_name, args=[]),
'badge__exact=%s' % (
new_link = '%s?%s' % (
reverse('admin:badger_%s_add' % model_name, args=[]),
'badge=%s' % (
count = qs.count()
what = (count == 1) and name_single or name_plural
return ('<a href="%s">%s %s</a> (<a href="%s">new</a>)' %
(link, count, what, new_link))
def related_deferredawards_link(self):
return build_related_link(self, 'deferredaward', 'deferred', 'deferred',
related_deferredawards_link.allow_tags = True
related_deferredawards_link.short_description = "Deferred Awards"
def related_awards_link(self):
return build_related_link(self, 'award', 'award', 'awards',
related_awards_link.allow_tags = True
related_awards_link.short_description = "Awards"
class BadgeAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
list_display = ("id", "title", show_image, "slug", "unique", "creator",
related_awards_link, related_deferredawards_link, "created",)
list_display_links = ('id', 'title',)
search_fields = ("title", "slug", "image", "description",)
filter_horizontal = ('prerequisites', )
prepopulated_fields = {"slug": ("title",)}
formfield_overrides = {
models.ManyToManyField: {
"widget": forms.widgets.SelectMultiple(attrs={"size": 25})
# This prevents Badge from loading all the users on the site
# which could be a very large number, take forever and result
# in a huge page.
raw_id_fields = ("creator",)
def badge_link(self):
url = reverse('admin:badger_badge_change', args=[])
return '<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (url, self.badge)
badge_link.allow_tags = True
badge_link.short_description = 'Badge'
class AwardAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
list_display = (show_unicode, badge_link, show_image, 'claim_code', 'user',
'creator', 'created', )
fields = ('badge', 'description', 'claim_code', 'user', 'creator', )
search_fields = ("badge__title", "badge__slug", "badge__description",
raw_id_fields = ('user', 'creator',)
class ProgressAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
raw_id_fields = ('user',)
def claim_code_link(self):
return '<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (self.get_claim_url(), self.claim_code)
claim_code_link.allow_tags = True
claim_code_link.short_description = "Claim Code"
class DeferredAwardAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
list_display = ('id', claim_code_link, 'claim_group', badge_link, 'email',
'reusable', 'creator', 'created', 'modified',)
list_display_links = ('id',)
list_filter = ('reusable', )
fields = ('badge', 'claim_group', 'claim_code', 'email', 'reusable',
readonly_fields = ('created', 'modified')
search_fields = ("badge__title", "badge__slug", "badge__description",)
raw_id_fields = ('creator',)
def award_link(self):
url = reverse('admin:badger_award_change', args=[])
return '<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (url, self.award)
award_link.allow_tags = True
award_link.short_description = 'award'
class NominationAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
list_display = ('id', show_unicode, award_link, 'accepted', 'nominee',
'approver', 'creator', 'created', 'modified',)
list_filter = ('accepted',)
search_fields = ('badge__title', 'badge__slug', 'badge__description',)
raw_id_fields = ('nominee', 'creator', 'approver', 'rejected_by',)
for x in ((Badge, BadgeAdmin),
(Award, AwardAdmin),
(Nomination, NominationAdmin),
(Progress, ProgressAdmin),
(DeferredAward, DeferredAwardAdmin),):*x)
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