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from django.conf import settings
from django.db.models import signals
import badger
from badger.models import Badge, Award, Progress
def update_badges(badge_data, overwrite=False):
"""Creates or updates list of badges
:arg badge_data: list of dicts. keys in the dict correspond to the
Badge model class. Also, you can pass in ``prerequisites``.
:arg overwrite: whether or not to overwrite the existing badge
:returns: list of Badge instances---one per dict passed in
badges = []
for data in badge_data:
badges.append(update_badge(data, overwrite=overwrite))
return badges
def update_badge(data_in, overwrite=False):
# Clone the data, because we might delete fields
data = dict(**data_in)
# If there are prerequisites, ensure they're real badges and remove
# from the set of data fields.
if 'prerequisites' not in data:
prerequisites = None
prerequisites = [get_badge(n)
for n in data.get('prerequisites', [])]
del data['prerequisites']
badge, created = Badge.objects.get_or_create(title=data['title'],
# If overwriting, and not just created, then save with current fields.
if overwrite and not created:**data)
# Set prerequisites if overwriting, or badge is newly created.
if (overwrite or created) and prerequisites:
return badge
def get_badge(slug_or_badge):
"""Return badge specified by slug or by instance
:arg slug_or_badge: slug or Badge instance
:returns: Badge instance
if isinstance(slug_or_badge, Badge):
b = slug_or_badge
b = Badge.objects.get(slug=slug_or_badge)
return b
def award_badge(slug_or_badge, awardee, awarder=None):
"""Award a badge to an awardee, with optional awarder
:arg slug_or_badge: slug or Badge instance to award
:arg awardee: User this Badge is awarded to
:arg awarder: User who awarded this Badge
:returns: Award instance
:raise BadgeAwardNotAllowedexception: ?
:raise BadgeAlreadyAwardedException: if the badge is unique and
has already been awarded to this user
b = get_badge(slug_or_badge)
return b.award_to(awardee=awardee, awarder=awarder)
def get_progress(slug_or_badge, user):
"""Get a progress record for a badge and awardee
:arg slug_or_badge: slug or Badge instance
:arg user: User to check progress for
:returns: Progress instance
b = get_badge(slug_or_badge)
return b.progress_for(user)