Simplified syndication feed poller and spooler written in Python.
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Simplified syndication feed poller and spooler written in Python.


The basic idea of FeedSpool is to handle many of the up-front details of syndication feed aggregation, while being as stupid as possible about the feeds themselves. What this means is that FeedSpool can take care of things such as subscription management, feed poll scheduling, feed data fetching and caching, even tracking new feed entries-- all while turning as blind an eye as possible to feed formats and payloads.

Furthermore, the goal of FeedSpool is to be as integration and tweak friendly as possible. Toward this goal, the attempt will be made to make data generated by this system easily accessible by tools not necessarily written in Python or using FeedSpool modules. So, all of the formats and things persisted by this system should be both readable and writeable in standard formats found in other languages and platforms.

And one last thing: In order to make this thing easy to get up and running, you shouldn't need to install anything other than Python and this package. Dependency on non-core Python modules will be avoided as much as possible.

  • Subscription management
  • Poll scheduling
  • Conditional HTTP GET
  • Feed data caching (via HTTPCache?)
  • Entry spools from sliced up feeds