A magical River of News for Firefox
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This is an experiment at building a magical River of news in Firefox.

It's probably not worth using right now; but it might look like this:


Tips / Notes / Goals

  • Fireriver will alert you whenever it notices a feed on any page you visit, and will offer the option to subscribe to that page or ignore it in the future.

  • Fireriver will create a new bookmark folder named "Fireriver Feeds"

  • Fireriver will use Live Bookmarks in this folder to build a River of News page. You can view it by clicking the blue feed icon in the add-on bar.

  • The space bar can be your main tool for paddling down the river.

    • If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, that's great.
    • The page down key works too, if you have it. But, it's tiny.
    • Shift-space lets you back-paddle if you need to.
  • You can add and remove Live Bookmarks in this folder like any other bookmark folder. The changes will be reflected in the river of news display.

  • If you organize your Live Bookmarks with folders, Fireriver will let you view items filtered by those folders.

  • If you leave the Fireriver page open, it will update itself whenever Live Bookmarks refresh with new items. (This may not always work, yet.)

  • If anything seems broken, try reloading the page. Someday, you shouldn't need to do this, ever.

  • Fireriver will try not to show you things you've seen before.

  • Everything Fireriver knows is tied to your Live Bookmarks. If you delete them, Fireriver's data goes away too.


Influenced by and thieving heavily from: