Manage a pool of disposable processes working on queued jobs
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node-hirelings is a lightweight work queue using child processes.

Use this to perform work that might:

  • block the event loop;
  • fail spectacularly;
  • be aborted impolitely;
  • be retried a few times;
  • report progress;
  • be measured with statsd or suchlike.

This is heavily inspired by lloyd/compute-cluster. In fact, node-hirelings began life as a great big pull request before I realized that was a dumb idea and just started my own project.


$ npm install node-hirelings


TODO: Need something sensible here. Tests are an example, for now.


TODO: Need something sensible here. Maybe pointer to docco output from lib/hirelings.js?

Frequently Anticipated Questions

  • Why "hirelings"?
    • It amuses me to pick odd names for projects. Hirelings are the semi-disposable, semi-reliable hired help that players can pick up in role-playing games.


  • Further limit respawning workers that die early. Maybe kill the pool entirely with an error if too many workers are dying in a span of time.

  • Promises-based API?


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