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Panic Ranger


A message from ops

Welcome to the Panic, Ranger 23.

This is the reason why portholes go dark on transition to hyperspace. Human minds are prone to failure when confronted by this strange seething mass of malevolence held just at bay.

Since you've beheld this reality and - for whatever reason - retained your sanity, you've been recruited to patrol the repulsor lanes of the Panic.

Faster-than-light travel via hyperspace forms the spine of our civilization. It's your job to ensure the safety of ships passing through. Rescue those in trouble. Maintain elements of the lanes. Help expand our reach where possible.

And, if you happen to see anything weird out there - you know, weirder than usual - let us know. The Panic is not amenable to exploration, so your eyes are the best we have.

Good luck.


  • travis / circle (or lambda?) to auto-build & publish sketches on check-in

  • overall ui / control

    • zoomed out godseye for situational awareness and autopilot selection?
    • zoomed in manual piloting
    • does it need an inhabited hero ship? or just RTS-style command & control?
    • vision enabled / reduced by connected repulsors? "fog of war"?
    • Herzog Zwei style hero piloting with unit placement?aa
  • ship mechanics

    • THRUST-style tractor beam?
  • map proximate repulsors in a graph for pathfinding by NPC ships

    • player autopilot? (which can fail / perform badly)
  • bugs

  • player stats

    • willpower
    • fuel
    • systems damage
  • friendly entities

    • repulsors
    • gates
    • depots
  • unfriendly entities

    • chitterers
    • rhinos
    • pirates
  • misc

    • horde spawn
      • avoid areas near entities, repulsor fields
  • gameplay goals

    • gates linked by paths
    • ships safely traversed
  • entity AI

    • pathfinding is not steering
    • steering with obstacle avoidance
  • powerups

    • meds
      • willpower changes (positive or negative) are slowed
      • fuel drained instead
    • booze
      • temporarily ignore willpower drop
      • general reduction in ability in cooldown period
      • if back to safety before wears off, willpower drop is discarded
    • charge
      • temporary repulsor in front
      • no steering forward speed boost
  • graphics

    • GPU-only particle effects
    • CRT vector webgl fragment shader - soft-edged beam; trails
    • ship damage effects (more global?)
      • color drop out
      • vertical / horizontal collapse
      • waviness
      • glitched vectors
      • blooming
      • pincushion
    • anxiety effects (color & baddie specific?)
      • color smearing
      • blurriness
      • more random sprite jitter effects
  • sound & music

  • input

    • Extract common mouse handling from viewport systems
    • Ensure mouse handling works in a non-fullscreen canvas
    • rotation follows mouse without need for thrust