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Plugin directory TODO


See also: bugzilla bugs at Mozilla.


  • Need easier way to go from submissions to sandbox
  • Need an audit log, tracking when plugins were pushed live etc.
  • Cache invalidation on plugin/release modification by PFS ID


  • Enhance security on passwords
    • Every new password stored in a form like {algo}-{salt}-{hash}
      • {algo} is {SHA-256},
      • {salt} is a salt unique per-user,
      • {hash} is algo(salt + password)
    • Migration of old passwords
      • If a password fails the new verification, yet passes a simple md5 check - replace the existing MD5 with the new form and call it verified. (Might run afoul of DB replication?)


  • Perform PFS searches even when version not detected
    • Can at least report that the plugin is known, with indeterminate detected version
    • Can report maybe_vulnerable if any known version is vulnerable
  • Blocklist parity
    • Need to support version ranges, for both application and plugins?
    • More general client-side match elements, regexes beyond just names
    • Ping blocklist for supplemental info?
    • Attempt to replace blocklist functionality? (probably not)
  • Power editing mode to edit plugin definition JSON directly
  • Preserve hand-tweaked JSON data.
    • Store plugin JSON in a blob in plugin (everything) and release (single release) rows.
    • One-way generation of indexed releases on import
    • No longer regenerate JSON from releases on export
  • Non-AJAX/JSON plugin editor?
    • Form-driven plugin release management
    • Show defaults in fields from plugin defaults
  • Advanced search pulldown
  • Minimize strings included in l10n/translations to just those needed by JS
    • Switch from .mo parsing to producing a PHP file with _() calls?
  • Flatten the platform key in the plugin JSON structure
    • seems unnecessary as a substructure.
    • artifact from earlier DB code


  • Prettier plugin release page
  • Merge changes between plugins
    • eg. Update sandbox plugin from live
  • Back up and rollback for live plugin pushes
  • Use recaptcha for captchas instead of Kohana built-in?
  • HTTP basic auth in API (OAuth?)
  • Loading indicator for plugin editor
  • Per-plugin release list and per-release GET/PUT/POST in JSON
  • Offer a switch to use sandbox or not on front page
    • User can currently just log out to disable sandbox involvement
    • Detect plugins on sandbox page?
  • Add release via JSON API