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Try scripting the LoC metrics

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lmorchard committed Sep 18, 2015
1 parent ea7abb4 commit d5149768e116571d0a1a059d1ff16e1cfc45fcfd
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echo Total LoC
cat lib/**/*.js | wc -l
echo All models LoC
cat lib/models/**/*.js | wc -l
echo Common shared models LoC
cat lib/models/*js | wc -l
echo Web specific models LoC
cat lib/models/web/*js | wc -l
echo Native specific models LoC
cat lib/models/native/*js | wc -l
echo All views LoC
cat lib/views/**/*.js | wc -l
echo Common shared views LoC
cat lib/views/common-mixins.js | wc -l
echo Web specific views LoC
cat lib/views/web/*js | wc -l
echo Native shared views LoC
cat lib/views/native-mixins.js | wc -l
echo iOS specific views LoC
cat lib/views/ios/*js | wc -l
echo Android specific views LoC
cat lib/views/android/*js | wc -l

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