attempt to make a game in Rust that I guess might be like Space Invaders
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Rust Invaders

So I decided to learn some more about Rust by making a video game. It might end up being something like Space Invaders. Or Asteroids. Or Centipede. Or Missile Command.

You know what? I just don't really know, but it'll be a mess.


  • Figure out how to automatically package / bundle this thing for distribution

  • Add text centering to font drawing

  • Asteroid sizes that break up & spawn more on despawn

    • 1 big -> 2 medium
    • 1 medium -> 4 small
    • 4 small -> none
    • 1 giant slow mover -> spawns other sizes as it's damaged
  • Asteroids should do variable damage based on size

  • Goals - score?

    • Planet limb below, has health & takes damage from asteroids, don't let it die
    • Survive time limit?
    • High score?
  • Particle splash when asteroid hits planet

  • Shield shimmer when asteroid hits player

  • Dramatic explosion on player or planet death

  • Rework tags component with some utility methods - e.g. no more tags.0.contains()

  • Rework tags component to use Enum rather than arbitrary strings

  • Bullet entities should identify owner source for damage

  • Implement despawn reasons and different tombstones (or lack thereof) based on reason

    • Asteroids should explode when shot, but just vanish when off playfield
  • Black out area of screen outside playfield?

  • Animated sprite meshes

  • Switch ThrusterSet from string indexing to enum indexing?

  • Methods for adding events to damage & despawn event queues, rather than manipulating those vecs directly

  • Debug HUD - easy way to monitor some variables, offer some switches & knobs

  • Proportional throttle control tied to controller joystick axes

  • Sound effects in a bleepy bloopy style

  • Pause menu

  • Settings menu - resolution, keybindings, etc

  • Index Position components in a quadtree for collision queries & etc

  • Figure out how to build & distribute binaries of this thing

  • Get this thing working in a browser with WASM someday