ThinkTank captures and organizes replies to your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and eventually, beyond.
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ThinkTank is a free installable web application that captures the insights and expertise of your social network by collecting and organizing replies to your conversations on Twitter, Facebook and (soon!) other networks. See screenshots and more at

ThinkTank is sponsored by Expert Labs, led by Gina Trapani, and used to be named Twitalytic.


This is not production code. This is a pre-alpha web application. The intended audience is server administrators with experience installing and troubleshooting PHP/MySQL hosted web applications. While ThinkTank uses OAuth to access Twitter, the webapp's login is not as secure as it should be. Right now this code is for experimentation and tinkering only. Do not run on a production server. You have been warned.


In future versions, this will get easier.

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.2 with cURL and GD enabled
  • MySQL 5
  • A public web server. (Twitter authorization requires a public callback URL, so you'll need to expose a local dev server to the internet for initial authorization; after that the server doesn't have to be publicly available.)

Install application files

Note for upgraders: If you're upgrading a previous installation, you should delete your cookies (in Firefox under Preferences / Privacy / delete individual cookies. In Chrome, you can delete individual cookies under Preferences / Under the Hood / Content Settings / Cookies / Show Cookies and other site data).

  1. Download source code. Save the thinktank directory one level above your web site's DocumentRoot. For example, if your site's DocumentRoot is /var/www/vhosts/ Put the thinktank directory here: /var/www/vhosts/
  2. Create a symbolic link to the thinktank/webapp directory in your site's DocumentRoot folder. To do so, cd to the DocumentRoot, and use the command: ln -s ../thinktank/webapp/ thinktank
  3. Make the following directories writable by the web server:




Set up database

  1. Create a database and select it, i.e., CREATE DATABASE thinktank

  2. Build tables with thinktank/sql/build-db_mysql.sql

Configure the application and its plugins

Rename thinktank/webapp/ to and set the appropriate application, database, and plugin values for your environment and plugins.

Twitter Plugin Support: Register your app with Twitter (for OAuth support)

Log into Twitter and register your ThinkTank instance. Set the callback URL to Write down the items labeled "Consumer key" and "Consumer secret" and add them to the file.

Facebook Plugin Support: Create a new Facebook application

Create a new Facebook Application and set the Connect URL to and the Post-Remove and Post-Authorize URLs to

Write down your API Key and Application Secret, and enter those values into the file.

Flickr,, and ReCAPTCHA Plugins/Support (In-Progress)

Add the appropriate API keys for each service in your file.


Visit the web application on your server, register and log in. On the Plugins page, activate Twitter, Facebook, and any other plugins you want. Once they're activated, click on the plugin link and authorize your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts in ThinkTank.

Then, to run the crawler to load your social network data, cd to /your-path-to-thinktank/webapp/crawler/, and run:

$ php crawl.php yourttpassword

Where is your ThinkTank login email address, and yourttpassword is your ThinkTank password.

To view what's going on with the crawler, use this command:

$ tail -f /your-path-to-thinkank/logs/crawler.log

Cron the crawler's run command to go at least once an hour. Hint: you may configure and cron this pre-fab bash script, which will run the crawler and rotate its logs:


See the script's README for more information on configuring it.


To discuss ThinkTank, post to the project mailing list. For deeper documentation, see the ThinkTank wiki.


ThinkTank's source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, except for the external libraries listed below.



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