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This is an attempt at a Mozilla Weave client for webOS

Someday, I'd like it to do things such as:

  • Bring the Firefox Awesome Bar to webOS.
  • Access bookmarks / history / tabs from the desktop
  • Sync / store other random data (eg. contacts? notes?) from webOS apps.


Presently, it's all just tests. To play, make a copy of src/javascripts/Weave/TestData.js-dist as src/javascripts/Weave/TestData.js and edit it to reflect your Weave account details. The tests are all read-only right now, too, so hopefully no worries about this munching all your data. But, as always, it's wise to mount a scratch monkey.

Then, in a properly-configured webOS dev environment with the emulator running on Mac OS X, try running make tests. If you're not on Mac OS X, things should work with some more effort.