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Symu.OrgMod as Organizational modeling

Develop your own application of system dynamics. Symu.SysDynis part ofSymu Suite, for organizational modeling, analysis and simulating. Symu.SysDyn`` is a core of system dynamics models library, written in C#.

Some useful links:

How it works

Symu.SysDyn compute models from standard xmile file or code based.

Open Standards

Symu.SysDyn is built on XMILE, the open standard for representing system dynamics models. When the standard is complete, Symu.SysDyn will aim for full conformance.

What it is

It creates a graph of system dynamics artifacts and graphical to model complex systems to analyze.

Why open source

Because we believe that such a framework is valuable for organizations and academics, because there are few c # frameworks available.

Getting Started

The API is Symu.SysDyn. This is the framework you'll use to build your own application. The GUI is Symu.SysDynApp.



Symu.SysDyn dependencies

External dependencies

  • NCalc2 (Nugget)
  • QuickGraph (Nugget)
  • GraphViz (Nugget) for SymuSysDynApp
  • SyncFusion (Nugget) for SymuSysDynApp.


You can run Symu.SysDynApp as is. You will have to have your own SyncFusion licence key in order to run the App. You can get a free one on SyncFusion. Once you have your licence key, Add SyncFusionKey in the settings.


See the list of CONTRIBUTORS who participated in this project.


Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on how you can contribute and the process for contributing.

Code of conduct

Please read CODE_OF_CONDUCT for details on our code of conduct if you want to contribute.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details


Paid consulting and support options are available from the corporate sponsors. See Symu services.


Symu.SysDyn is used in projects:

  • Symu: a multi-agent system, time based with discrete events, for the co-evolution of agents and socio-cultural environments.
  • an enterprise level implementation of Symu