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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# To run the following correctly, you will need a patched version of docutils to enable support for
# math directives.
# There is a dummy module in docs named that imports all the PyMC likelihoods.
# By introspection, epydoc finds the related docstrings and creates a tex output. This way,
# we avoid documenting all the stuff that lives in the real
# epydoc --verbose --debug --config epydoc.conf
# Make manual
cd docs
#cat distributions-module.tex | ./ -s '\\subsection\{Functions\}' -o distributions-module.text
#sed -i -e 's/0\.5\\fboxrule/1pt/g' distributions-module.tex
python ../README.rst --use-latex-toc --no-section-numbering | ./ -s '%___________________________________________________________________________' -e '\\end\{document\}' -o README.tex
python ../INSTALL.rst --use-latex-toc --no-section-numbering | ./ -s '%___________________________________________________________________________' -e '\\end\{document\}' -o INSTALL.tex
python ../pymc/database/README.txt --use-latex-toc --no-section-numbering | ./ -s '%___________________________________________________________________________' -e '\\end\{document\}' -o database.tex
mkdir pdf
# User Guide
pdflatex -output-directory=pdf -interaction batchmode UserGuide
bibtex pdf/UserGuide
pdflatex -output-directory=pdf -interaction batchmode UserGuide
pdflatex -output-directory=pdf -interaction batchmode UserGuide
cp pdf/UserGuide.pdf .
cd ..
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