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Failed to load latest commit information. Fixed build on Ubuntu 12.04 Presice
component.cpp open source release
component_context.cpp open source release
component_factory.cpp open source release
componentset.cpp exception handling added to component creation and destruction
cookie.cpp open source release
data_buffer.cpp open source release
except.cpp open source release
globals.cpp Make Globals::config_ const.
handler.cpp open source release
handlerset.cpp added referer filter
loader.cpp open source release
logger.cpp Added LoggerRequestId interface
parser.cpp one more try
request.cpp Added getRequestId method to the Request class
request_filter.cpp added referer filter
request_thread_pool.cpp Set request_id for default logger in thread pool
requestimpl.cpp Added getRequestId method to the Request class
response_time_statistics.cpp open source release
server.cpp build fixed
stream.cpp RequestStream destructor fixed for empty stream
string_buffer.cpp open source release
util.cpp open source release
xml.cpp open source release
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