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backups - recovery from lms-1.0pre8 Apr 11, 2003
bin improvement/bugfix: convert received posts which are loaded into help… Nov 9, 2018
contrib bugfix: some missed js and css location fixes Oct 5, 2018
css bugfix: allow to wrap filter definition Nov 2, 2018
daemon introduced: ticket service types and ticket types (resolves partly #150 Jul 31, 2018
debian Remove swekey support Sep 26, 2016
devel php error/warning detection script (#1419) Oct 9, 2018
doc improvement: click on table row with ctrl key pressed open link in ne… Nov 8, 2018
documents enhancement: allow to select permanent attachments which are included… Dec 6, 2017
img refactoring/devel: separate css and js directories (some backward com… Oct 5, 2018
js improvement: click on table row with ctrl key pressed open link in ne… Nov 8, 2018
lib bugfix: network params which we get can be called for network id list Nov 9, 2018
modules bugfix: prepend chooselocation display template with file: resource t… Nov 9, 2018
nbproject Sets Smarty framework in Netbeans project properties Jun 19, 2014
plugins bugfix: adjusted example plugin to new db schema of users table Feb 10, 2017
sample little corrections Mar 23, 2018
templates/default bugfix: fixed smarty template warning (fixes LMS+ #664) Nov 12, 2018
templates_c restored .htaccess file Mar 25, 2016
tests devel/improvement: allow to use different instance names of paginatio… Oct 17, 2018
userpanel bugfix: js and css symlinks for userpanel Oct 10, 2018
voipcalls added directory which we will use for call recording storage Jul 5, 2016
.gitattributes we try to set revision of lms using git placeholders Aug 8, 2015
.gitignore refactoring/devel: separate css and js directories (fixes for tinymce4) Oct 5, 2018
.htaccess prevent download of 'lms.ini' Apr 24, 2012
.jshintignore refactoring/devel: separate css and js directories (fixed jshint igno… Oct 5, 2018
.jshintrc cleanup: fixed formatting Apr 16, 2018
.travis.yml devel: bugfix: fixed travis config for php 5.4 May 9, 2018 improvement: added travis ci status Apr 13, 2018
composer.json improvement: responsive extension for datatables introduced Oct 2, 2018
index.php bugfix: removed already unused custom smarty function {clear_filter} Sep 7, 2018
phpcs2.xml improvement: added phpcs configuration files Apr 26, 2018
phpcs3.xml improvement: added phpcs configuration files Apr 26, 2018
phpunit.xml Adds PHPUnit to build process (#1249) May 4, 2018

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Lan Management System (LMS)

LMS (LAN Management System) is a package of applications for managing LAN networks. Its main goal is to provide the best service to customers, as seen in large ISP companies. LMS is written in PHP, Perl and C and can use MySQL or PostgreSQL as its database backends. The following features are provided at the time: customer database (names, addresses, phones, comments, etc), computers inventory (IP, MAC), simple financial system suited for network operations, financial balances and invoices, email warnings to users, automatic billing schedule, ability to generate (almost) any kind of config file ie. ipchains/iptables firewall scripts, DHCP daemon configuration, zones for bind, /etc/ethers entries, oident, htb and more, visualization of bandwidth consumption per host, request tracker system (Helpdesk), timetable (Organizer).