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-- use applescript to sync production directory to JSR production server
tell application "Transmit"
-- Prevent interactive alerts from popping up during script execution
set SuppressAppleScriptAlerts to true
-- CONFIGURATION - edit what you need to below
-- replace "LincolnMullen" with the name of your favorite
set remoteFavorite to item 1 of (favorites whose name is "JSR")
-- replace everything in between "" to the remote path you want to sync TO
set remotePath to "production"
-- replace everything in between "" to the local path you want to sync FROM
set localPath to "~/dev/jsr-production"
-- set a variable naming all the skip rules that are enabled in Transmit preferences
set myRules to (skip rules whose enabled is true)
-- Create a new window (and thus a single tab) for this script
tell current tab of (make new document at end)
-- Go into the local and remote folders that we want to sync.
change location of local browser to path localPath
connect to remoteFavorite
change location of remote browser to path remotePath
-- Run a sync from the current local folder to the current remote folder
synchronize local browser to remote browser using skip rules myRules with follow symlinks, automatically determine time offset and compare using size
-- Close the current window
end tell
end tell
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