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Beginnings of a fun animation project in UIBezierPaths, inspired by Timely for Android
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Folding Clock


Beginnings of a fun animation project in UIBezierPaths

This is a highly complex animation library for showing numbers changing, be it a countdown, a clock, or a scoreboard. It now allows for any size frame with special affine transforms.

After creating it you can increment, decrement or set it directly to a digit.

Much more is planned in the future, but for now check out a video here.

Initialize Types

For segment based animatons initialize with:

 - (id)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame andDigit:(NSInteger)initialDigit;  

For Single Path based animations initialize with:

 - (id)initFlatWithFrame:(CGRect)frame andDigit:(NSInteger)initialDigit;

Editable Properties

The following properties are available to customize the style and animation of the digits.

Style Properties

 @property (nonatomic) CGColorRef strokeColor;
 @property (nonatomic) CGFloat lineThickness;
 @property CGFloat transformDuration;

Animation Values

 @property NSString *calculationMode;
 @property id timingFunction;
 @property MFLAnimationStyle animationStyle;

Extra Animations

 @property MFLRotateAnimationStyle rotate3DStyle;
 @property MFLScaleAnimationStyle scaleStyle;
 @property BOOL shouldRotateIn2D;

Available Functions

 - (void)animateToDigit:(NSInteger)digit;
 - (void)decrement;
 - (void)increment;

Future Plans

Eventually this will hold multiple fonts, but is currently based on Futura. Next up is setting up the resizing ability, following by work on creating a clock by stringing these views together.

Credit due.

This animation is inspired by the "Timely" Android App, and this writeup describing it's bezier math.

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