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Code for "Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning"
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Code for "Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning" - Luisa M Zintgraf, Kyriacos Shiarlis, Vitaly Kurin, Katja Hofmann, Shimon Whiteson (ICML 2019).

I used Python 3.7 and PyTorch 1.0.1 for these experiments.


  • Running experiments:

    To run the experiment with default settings, execute

    python3 regression/

    This will run the sine curve experiment. To run the CelebA image completion experiment, run

    python3 regression/main --task celeba --num_context_params 128 --num_hidden_layers 128 128 128 128 128 --k_meta_test 1024

    To change the number of context parameters, use the flag --num_context_params.

    To run MAML with the default settings, run python3 regression/ --maml --num_context_params 0 --lr_inner 0.1

    For default settings and other argument options, see classification/

  • CelebA dataset:

    If you want to use the code for the CelebA dataset, you have to download it ( and change the path in


  • Running experiments:

    To run the experiment with default settings, execute in your command line:

    python3 classification/

    Use the --num_filters flag to set the number of filters. For default settings and other argument options, see

  • Retrieving Mini-Imagenet:

    You need the Mini-Imagenet dataset to run these experiments. See e.g. for how to retrieve it. Put them in the folder classification/data/miniimagenet/images/ (the label files are already in there).

Reinforcement Learning

This code is an extended version of Tristan Deleu's PyTorch MAML implementation:

  • Prerequisites:

    For the MuJoCo experiments you need mujoco-py and OpenAI gym.

  • Running experiments:

    To run an experiment on the 2D navigation, use the following command:

    python3 --env-name 2DNavigation-v0 --fast-lr 1.0 --phi-size 5 0  --output-folder results


Special thanks to Chelsea Finn, Jackie Loong and Tristan Deleu for their open-sourced MAML implementations. This was of great help to us, and parts of our implementation are based on the PyTorch code from:

  • Jackie Loong's implementation of MAML,
  • Tristan Deleu's implementation of MAML-RL,


  title={Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning},
  author={Zintgraf, Luisa M and Shiarlis, Kyriacos and Kurin, Vitaly and Hofmann, Katja and Whiteson, Shimon},
  conference={Thirty-sixth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2019)},
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