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Adding client SOCKS support to Twisted.

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Linus Nordberg authored August 19, 2013
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twisted-socks -- Client SOCKS support in Twisted.

Twisted [0] doesn't seem to have support for writing a SOCKS client.
The SOCKS support is written for servers and is restricted to SOCKSv4.

This package aims to add support for client TCP connections, with or
without SSL/TLS, to go over a SOCKS proxy, version 4, 4a or 5.

See the examples directory for an idea on how to use it. You can run
the http example like this:

    cd examples; ln -s ../ .

You can start a SOCKSv4 proxy server in the foreground by issuing 

  twistd -n socks

Thanks to lebek for the Twisted magic needed to hook this in.
Thanks to hellais and nextime for the bugfix that sneaked into
Thanks to Karsten Loesing for bug fixes.

This package is being maintained by Its canonical
pickup point is . It's licensed
under a BSD license, see LICENSE for details.

twisted-socks was written mid 2011. Since then txsocksx [1] has
appeared. txsocks seems like a good alternative to twisted-socks. It
looks clean, seems to have support for SOCKS5 and does have tests.

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