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Bebop Documentation

Who's Behind Bebop?

First of all, welcome to the Bebop project documentation, and thank you for trying out our BuddyPress plugin. Bebop is the name of a project which was undertaken by the LNCD group at the University of Lincoln, UK. The project was funded by JISC over the duration of six months.

What is Bebop for?

The aim of Bebop was quite simple. To allow teachers to display their teaching resources on their academic profiles. We want to promote the sharing of teaching resources and as an incentive, we wanted to offer a way for teaching staff to curate and display their teaching materials as part of their staff profile. Bebop uses BuddyPress, our university's blogging/social networking platform, to import selected teaching resources into a person's activity stream. This then makes them visible across the entire network.

Bebop is not just useful for teaching resources. If you have content on Slideshare, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, or any site that has an RSS feed, you can use Bebop to pull content from those separate platforms into your BuddyPress profile. Furthermore, Bebop published its own RSS feeds for each type of resource, so you can then publish them elsewhere, too!

What is the documentation for?

The documentation provides some basic information which users, admins, and developers will find useful about the actual usage of Bebop. Please select the relevant link from the list below.

How is Bebop supported?

Well, if you have any problems, feel free to open up a ticket here.

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