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If you are here, you are probably wondering how to import your Open Educational Resources (OERs) using Bebop. This document was created to help you through this process. The guide below describes the steps required to import OER content into your BuddyPress activity feed. We use the terms 'OER' and 'Resources' interchangeably. You may be using Bebop as a general purpose social media aggregator. In any case, here's a quick glossary:

  • Open Educational Resources/OER = a resource that is shared and licensed for re-use on the web. e.g. Slides on Slideshare, video on YouTube, images on Flickr, etc.
  • Resource provider/host = The third-party or external hosting service where the resource was initially uploaded to. e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, etc. It may also be your own blog or a website that syndicates content using RSS, such as a WordPress site.

Go to your profile

Step 1 - Link account

The first step is to link your BuddyPress profile to the account on the external site. This can be as simple as providing your username, or equally as simple by adding an RSS feed or verifying your account using oAuth.

First, you will want to navigate to your BuddyPress profile and click the "Resources" tab in the menu. This will open up a sub-menu. Click the 'Accounts' link.

This will show a list of all available hosts. Click on the host that you wish to link to.

Choose a host to connect to

Th process to link accounts depends on the host themselves, as they dictate how to authenticate you as a user. If the host allows it, simply add your username to the 'Username' field. You may however need to click a button such as 'Start Authentication'. You may also want to import form a generic RSS feed, in which case, select a unique name for the feed, and add the URL.

In any case, be sure to select the 'enable import' box, otherwise content will not be imported.

Add your account details

Step 2 - Import and verify content

With your account linked, your OERs will be imported automatically from the OER host. Your imported content should appear within one minute. If there is a longer delay, ensure you have the correct details for your feed.

There are two scenario's which affect your next actions, which depend on how Bebop is configured. If you have a 'Content Manager' link in the 'Resources' menu, follow Scenario 1. If you do not have this link, follow scenario 2.

###Scenario 1

Once content has been imported, it will be available as 'unverified' OER content. To access this page, select the 'Content Manager' from the menu, and then click the 'unverified' button. If your OERs have been imported, they will be visible in a table.

Go to the Content Manager

You will need to verify content for it to be visible in your activity stream. You should therefore select the content which you wish to be in your activity stream, then click the 'verify' button, followed by the 'submit' button. This will allow the content to be available in your activity stream.

You can also delete content here, by selecting the 'delete' option instead of verify. You can also view all previously verified and deleted content, and remove or reset them as you wish. Proceed to Step 3.

Select and verify your resources

###Scenario 2

If the Administrator has chosen to automatically import and verify all resources, there is no option to verify them yourself. Your content is imported directly into the activity stream and you do not need to verify each item. Proceed to Step 3.

This can be convenient in some use cases, but in most cases, we recommend allowing each user to select and verify which resources they wish to share.

###Step 3 - View Your Resources

Once you have verified some resources, they will be available in your activity stream. To view just your OER content, you can click the 'Content' sub-menu link. You can also navigate to your standard activity stream, or the site activity stream, and view your content from there.

View your resources in the activity stream


For support, please first see your BuddyPress admin. If you are really stuck, open a support ticket on our Issue Tracker.