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Core Lightning in a Docker container

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Core Lightning by Elements Project in a docker container for easy orchestration on embedded devices (like the Raspberry Pi), and auto-building.


To do cross-platform builds the LNCM way, like some of my other containers


Where this code is maintained and mirrored (master branch).


By Default

To simply build this project just invoke (This will build against latest tag)

docker build -t nolim1t/clightning .

Specifying a version

For example specifying a version to build.

docker build \
    --build-arg VERSION=v0.9.3 \
    -t nolim1t/clightning:v0.9.3 .

The other configurables you can use are:

  • REPO defines the master repo for lightning (eventually would like to make this fetch from TOR so the whole thing is anonymous)
  • USER defines the user name (Its cosmetic at this stage)
  • DATA defines the data folder for lightning user within the container


For convenience, we have a sample docker-compose file and a sample config file you may use (this is based off the documentation on the upstream).

Or running straight from docker after building it:

# Assuming you have built it (This uses the similar parameters as the above docker-compose)
docker run -it --rm \
    --name clightning \
    -e LIGHTNINGD_NETWORK=bitcoin \
    -e LIGHTNINGD_RPC_PORT=10420 \
    -v $HOME/.lightning:/data/.lightning \
    -v $HOME/.bitcoin:/data/.bitcoin \

# or if using gitlab
docker run -it --rm \
    --name clightning \
    -e LIGHTNINGD_NETWORK=bitcoin \
    -e LIGHTNINGD_RPC_PORT=10420 \
    -v $HOME/.lightning:/data/.lightning \
    -v $HOME/.bitcoin:/data/.bitcoin \


Most stuff is in the issues list however the below is kept for legacy purposes

  • Document how to build this project for more advanced users
  • Document how to use this container (config files, etc)
  • Build a docker compose file as an example
  • Build a gitlab action. Gitlab will be the main focus for this project
  • Build a github action. Github will be the secondary focus for this.
  • Extremely low priority. Get the other shitcoin stuff working (Litecoin)