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Ideas for things to be built on meetups.
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Ideas for the stuff to be built/done/researched on the monthly/bi-weekly Chiang Mai meetups.

All ideas in Issues; one issue == one idea :).

Events schedule

date venue occasion description food available
Aug 1st (Wed) Ryan's SegWit lock-in 1st anniversary intro event - getting everyone to get to know each other 🥩
Aug 24th (Fri) Ryan's SegWit activation 1st anniversary LN payment terminal - build a RBP-based payment terminal handling user interaction via e-paper display 🥩  🥃
Sep 17th (Mon) Ryan's Not a Weekend Putting "The Box" things together. Maybe adding a display. Testing it out on testnet & mainnet 🥩
Oct 2nd (Tue) Ryan's #FreeRoss Day The usual LN stuff & maybe Ryan will share an insight or two about Baltic Honey Badger 🥩
Oct 24th (Wed) Ryan's Crash of 1929 Discuss news from Scaling Bitcoin 2018, The Box and PoS system 🥩
Jan 28th (Mon) Food4Thought@16:30 #MakeAliceGrinAgain Let's talk about how we can move Lightning forward in Chiang Mai! 🍽🍺⚡️

Note: All official announcements will either happen via commits to this repository, on Mastodon or Twitter @lncnx.

Bitcoin & Lightning Network Nodes

To connect to one of our nodes, see the wiki here.


All day-to-day discussions are held in a Wire group. To get in either create an issue requesting access here or ping @meeDamian on Wire or Twitter.

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